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Sunan Bonang

He is son of Sunan Ampel, which means also the grandson of Maulana Malik Ibrahim. His first name was Raden Makdum Ibrahim. Born in 1465 AD is estimated from a woman named Nyi Ageng Manila, the daughter of a duke in Tuban.
Sunan Bonang boarding school to learn religion from his father in Ampel Denta. Once old enough, he ventured to call in different corners of the island of Java. At first he was preaching in Kediri, which is majority Hindu community. There he founded Daha Deny Mosque.
He later settled in the Bonang-Lasem small village in Central Java, about 15 miles east of Apex. In the village he built the place pesujudan / shrine as well as boarding schools are now known by the name of Watu screen. He became known also as the first official imam Sultanate Demak, and even had time to become commander in chief. Nevertheless, Sunan Bonang never stop his habit to wander into areas very difficult. He often visited remote areas in Tuban, Pati, Madura and Bawean. On this island, in 1525 AD he died. His remains were interred in Tuban, west of Great Mosque, after a hotly contested by the public could Bawean and Tuban.
Unlike the straightforward Sunan Giri in jurisprudence, the doctrine of Sunan Bonang ahlussunnah teaching style combines mysticism and orthodox salaf line. He mastered the science of fiqh, usuludin, Sufism, arts, literature and architecture. Sunan Bonang Society also known as an expert to find water sources in arid places. Sunan Bonang cored on teaching philosophy 'love' ('isyq). Very similar to the trend Jalalludin Rumi. According to Bonang, love with faith, intuitive knowledge (supreme knowledge) and obedience to Allah SWT or haq al yaqqin. That teaching is popularly conveyed through the media arts community preferred. In this case, Sunan Bonang shoulder to shoulder with its main disciple, Sunan Kalijaga.
Sunan Bonang many literary birth of seclusion, or song of imagery. One is "Suluk Wijil" which seems influenced by the book of Al Shidiq Abu Sa'id Al Khayr (d. 899). Suluknya much use of mirror imagery, marine crane or birds. An approach that is also used by Ibn Arabi, Fariduddin Attar, Rumi and Hamzah Fansuri. Sunan Bonang was also composed the Javanese gamelan which was thick with the aesthetics of Hindu, by giving new nuances. He is the creator of Javanese gamelan as it is now, by adding bonang instruments. Composition when it has the feel of dhikr that encourage the love of life transedental (angelic nature). Song "Tombo Ati" is one of the works of Sunan Bonang.
In the puppet stage, Sunan Bonang is a masterful puppeteer anesthetize the audience. His passion is to compose the play and enter a unique interpretation of Islam. Pandava-tale feud Kurawa Sunan Bonang interpreted as a battle between the nafs (negation) and 'isbah (reassurance).

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